The Engagement

Friday Night

I didn't think that he had it; I really didn't. I honestly didn't think he had the money. I mean, I knew that he wanted to propose with a ring soon, but I really didn't think he had gotten the ring yet. So we went out to dinner and somehow it came out that he had called my parents. You know, to ask permission. My first thought after hearing this was..."did he ask them if it was OK when we moved in together?" And then I thought..."Did he ask them if we could buy a house together?" I was pretty sure that the answers to both were NO.

But he'd called my mom and dad to ask them if he could marry me. They of course, put him on speakerphone (their new found love) and I guess my mom laughed at him. Basically they said, "Well it's about freaking time!" Then he called my sister and told her about the ring and texted her a picture of it. I'm not quite sure how/why all of this came out the Friday before he did it, but it did.

When we got home from dinner that night I was laying in bed ready to go to sleep and I hear him run down the hall. He peeked into the bedroom and flashed the ring at me in the box. So then I knew it was coming. The question now was how was he going to do it.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter morning was nice. Mike's mom is AWFUL at making coffee [No offense Darla, we'll blame it on the coffeemaker.] so Mike ran up to the gas station to grab some coffee. What should have been a 5 minute trip took more like forever. After about 45 minutes he returned with coffee and a grin. I sat in the chair and drank my coffee and then heard his mom start laughing. Mike was out in the backyard hiding eggs. I really hope that small children did not see him doing this because if they did he totally ruined Easter for them. But he hid 12 eggs. I found 11 and could not find the other one. I kept asking if they were all in the backyard and he said they were, but we should walk around front just to check because he may have forgotten that he put one up there. [I was thinking to myself, is he serious he could have forgotten? I mean, there were only 12 eggs. It's not like he hid 100.]

Sure enough, there was the little gray egg. He said, "Abby, I just wanted to make sure we were alone and no one was watching and I've been meaning to ask you this for a long time now, but...well, just open the egg and you'll see." So of course, I started sweating (I may have a problem). LOL. And I opened the egg to find a small box of nerds. I then heard, "you nerd." I'm so gullible.

Actual Proposal

After the fun of the Easter egg hunt, I went over to my house to get my mom and then we were going to visit my grandma at St. Anne's. There, my grandma proceeded to ask if Mike was still around to which I said yes and my mom said "We thought we'd have something to show you today, but I guess we were wrong." I was just laughing. I guess my parents have just been expecting it for a while. My grandma asked what was wrong with him...and I said, well I hope nothing too bad.
After St. Anne's I went back to my parent's house. I was supposed to just drop my mom off, but we started looking at houses online and I stayed a bit longer than expected. Mike called at least 3x while I was there asking me where I was. Finally I left and went back to pick up Mike so we could go to his Aunt's house for Easter lunch. When I got there, he basically met me at the door. And he looked funny. [This is not unusual. He's a funny looking guy, but something was different.] I walked down the hall into the kitchen and he stopped me and on the counter was a half clear Easter egg (the bottom was purple) with an opened up ring box inside. He looked like he was going to laugh, cry, and get sick all at the same time. I've never seen him look so nervous in my 4.5 years of knowing him.
Then he said, "Abby, I know we've been together for a long time and we've had a lot of good times and bad. I love you more than anything and will love you for ever. I just love you so much and I'd be honored to take you as my wife. Will you marry me?" And his eyes were welling up with tears [Sorry Mike, it was going to come out sooner or later] and so then I cried of course. And he tried to get down on one knee, but it was more like a half way down kneel, to which he goes, "what, I have a bad knee." I think I forgot to answer at first too; I just hugged him and then he said "well... what's your answer?" I said "Yes."
The best part about it was that it was just me and my boys. Even if the dogs were barking when we kissed, it was still just right - Mike in front of me, Louie at my feet, and Lex jumping up to hug me!
Abigail Kathleen Hake and Michael Oliver Kellermeyer
Engaged (officially with ring)
April 12th, 2009

Unofficially (without ring) 3rd date
This was meant to last.

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