It's Halloween Time

The girls and I went to the grocery last night but instead ended up searching for Halloween décor instead…
We first landed at The Dollar Store.  Last year they had candles and I’m hoping another one of their stores does this year too because I need a few more.  We had to go to Staples for another print enlargement I had done and The Dollar Store was right next door.  There we grabbed quite a few things for our Halloween House and I let Ells grab some fun things too.  She really gets into it.

Then we moved over to At Home – another go to for Halloween décor.  Seriously… they usually have a ton of stuff, but apparently you must go early to get the goods!  I’m still contemplating purchasing a few skeletons for the yard... But I did find one that we couldn’t leave without!  This girl!

Yes, we still made it to the grocery, but it did not take precedent…
We did take a few photo ops before we headed to the food aisle where I’m really not sure what meals we purchased, but we attempted…
And honestly, who needs food when you end up with photos like this!

All it all it was a good night!  And we might have a 2nd Halloween lover on our hands!  


I'm really back!

It's been so long and I've missed this.   If you all follow me on other outlets you'll know that I've not disappeared, but lots of things have been going on...

I'm hoping to start back at it!  I have lots to share.  Not all things will be shared timely because honestly that's what made me stop posting in the first place!  I will be posting about any and all things at any time!  It'll take the stresses out of it for me and keep it fun and light!

I can't wait to share about our home, moving sometime soon I hope, jobs, babies, business, parties, etc...

Hopefully you'll hang out and follow The Kellermeyers along on untimely adventures... :)

See you tomorrow!


I'm Back! :)

Hello! Hello!

I’m back!  Let’s hope for the long haul!  It’s been a while so first off we’ll do a quick recap of events that have taken place since we last met! 

The last time I wrote was last September. That’s a long time ago.  It feels like forever ago.  Since then a lot has happened… (and in no particular order)

I went to Nashville for a VR conference.
I had a baby – Olive.
My other little, Ella, graduated Pre-K (tear).  They grow up so fast.
I actually did  A LOT around our house before the baby came - Including backing an island, painting cabinets, finishing a nursery, adding shelves in our laundry room, redoing out bathroom, among other things... 
We created a really pretty nursery – I think.
We’ve started another patio redo.
My husband starting working at UPS.
Louie had his dew claw chopped off at the groomer.
Louie went to emergency vet.
We got a free grooming. Hahah
I blogged a few times over at The City Moms.
My brother graduated from High School.
My sister got a new sweet gig.
My other brother moved to Texas (1.5 hrs from Magnolia which might mean ROAD TRIP).

That’s all I can think of at the moment but it’s a good recap. I'll be sharing about some of these things soon!

So it’s good to be back, I hope you’ll hang around and I hope I do too! 



DIY Wood Bead Garland @ The City Moms

This weekend I was a progress machine...
And you can only half tell by the current status of my house...
I swear the next time it's all clean I'm going to have someone come take photos for when it's time to sell so I'll just be like "Oh you need house pics, right here...DONE!"

But... I did, along with tons of cleaning, get a few DIY projects done this weekend... One being for the other girls room <-- a="" all="" and="" baby="" came="" current="" currently.="" dad="" ells="" fit="" for="" girl="" give="" he="" her="" i="" in="" it="" just="" loving="" most="" my="" nbsp="" nickname="" other="" over="" p="" possible="" s="" said="" stuck.="" swear.="" that="" the="" them="" throwing="" to="" told="" toys="" up="" was="" way="" when="" with="" would="">

DIY Wood Bead Garland...
Not for the faint of heart with weak drilling skills...

Check out the tutorial over at The City Mom's blog...

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