Losing It - Week One

So yesterday was supposed to be an update on last week's workout progress... Oops...
Is that a sign of how it went?!? 
Maybe a little. 

Here was what I was supposed to do:
Monday - Run
Tuesday - Strike
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Strike
Friday - Run
Saturday - Run
Sunday - Off

Well, here's how it really went:
Monday - Run
Tuesday - N/A
Wednesday - N/A
Thursday - Run
Friday - N/A
Saturday - N/A
Sunday - N/A

Can you say FAIL?  Yep.  Started out good, but then somewhere between skating, Ella, and Mr K leaving for the weekend I fell off the wagon.  I'm just so tired anymore and I never get out of skating when I should and now I really just want to come home and see my baby. 

Monday I was determined to complete the goal of hitting the gym or path each day except those I was off.  Tuesday I got out of skating late and then came home and realized that we didn't have anything to prove Ells was 3 months old which is the minimum age to take her to the gym... oops!  More on that later.  Wednesday I was exhausted... worked from 6-3:30 (desk job) and then 4:15-7:30 (skating) and when I got home around 8:15 I was sure that it was going to be an off day.  Thursday I was thinking I needed to get back on the bandwagon and did attempt to make it to the gym, but didn't.  So before a friend came over for dinner, I got in a quick 30 min run.  Friday I was so tired all day and watched Ells all day and then had skating which meant she went to Gigi's and then from there we all went to dinner... another late night and no exercise.  Saturday I felt like I got hit by a bus... and decided to tackle a few things at home... Sunday again took the day off. 

Not the progress I would have liked to make, but it was progress nonetheless...
And last night I ran for 28 minutes straight.  Yay for me!  And it felt good...
Until I was done.  My joints and everything are aching AND I'm so tired today that it's not even funny.  I have to decide what to do when I get home tonight.  I'm thinking the 20 min pilates and skip a run because my back is hurting...

Goal for this week...
A little less structured as we know my schedule is crazy...

Monday - Run - Check
Tuesday - Something
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Something
Friday - Something
Saturday - Off
Sunday - Something

We shall see how well I do this week...
Any exercise will count this week! 

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