We Did It!!!

I want to make sure that when you read the title of this post that you sing it like Dora.  That song has been going through my head since 1:30am Monday Morning when the goal was hit!  If you are a mother, sister, or born in the late 90s or early 2000s then you probably know how that song goes.... If not, this is for you...

It was a long hard month!  I was about $1000 away from my goal on the 28th and after outside orders came in and I put in a few last minute ones from friends and family members, It happened!   The last order was entered around 1:30am Sunday night/Monday morning.  I had to work at 6am.  Ugh... very little sleep... running on adrenaline... It wasn't official until Monday around 10am because reports did not update until then, but man on man... that was a lot of hard work and calls and emails and texts and I am super proud of myself that I did it! 

The title of the post is WE did it and that's because I couldn't have done it without my team.  My team consists of 11 other amazing ladies! All different ages -- I think the youngest is actually my sister at 24.  It was a combined effort as we have to have a group total along with hitting individual goals to make this happen! 

But how cool that we are now a Star Stylist Team and the 3rd in Indiana!

I remember when I first started selling Stella & Dot and I thought "I'll be a Star in no time!"  But I worked a full time job and sometimes life gets in the way...  You had to gain team members & sell certain amounts, and while I wanted to have a team, sponsoring wasn't my thing at first.  So I didn't.  But this June was my 3rd year as a Stylist and what a sweet way to celebrate my promotoin and my 3rd year anniversary!  I sponsored 4 of those ladies and some have sponsored more themselves!  It's so fun to see my team grow, hit goals, promote, earn glam rewards, and have fun while doing it! 

Since June was so crazy, my goal is to enjoy July and that will begin with hanging out with friends tonight and tomorrow and then heading to Vegas in about a week!


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