1st Venue was a Home Run!

Now that I am the Bride to be, I only felt it fitting that I actually start working on getting some items chosen for this event.

I wanted a very different unique feel for my wedding. One that is something you don't see every other wedding in Fort Wayne. I found this was very hard to do with everything in Fort Wayne being older and dated (according to my standards). I was not looking forward to looking at venues. I had made appointments at 2 places and was sure that one of those would be the winner because it had to be. However the night before I headed home to the Fort, my mom called and said she'd made an appointment at the Brand NEW Parkview Field.

Boy am I glad we went! It was settled! That was easy! But we still had to go to the other places to look...UGH. But we did and it just sealed the deal that we were going to reserve the stadium.

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