What a weekend. 

It was filled with highs, middles, and headaches!  I felt busy all weekend, but of course, took no pictures and I also felt like time was moving slowly so that I could just continue on. 

Starting on Thursday, I was in bed with a migraine all day.  Ugh to migraines!  They stink!  I get them all the time, but especially when the weather changes a bit and since it's going to be 72 degrees today and 40 on Thursday, I'm guessing another is in my future soon. 

Friday was nice.  I had to run some errands and finish up my shopping for the blog swap!  Excited to see what Miss Maria thinks of her little gift.  I hope she enjoys!  Then had lunch with my grandma who insisted on buying me something!  I wouldn't let her.

Saturday I had to teach ice skating at one rink and then put my kiddos on at a competition at another!  I woke up with my head pounding, but couldn't let the little kids down so I just drugged myself up with Excedrin and pushed through.  That took me through 3pm.  My kids did sooo great!  Morgan - Basic 4 - 2nd, Rachel - Basic 5 - 2nd, Lindsay - Basic 7 - 2nd, Sarah - Freestyle 1 - 2nd, Reid - Freestyle 1 - 1st, and Grace - Limited Beginner - 2nd!  So proud of all of them!  Can't wait to see some pictures taken by the lovely Andrea!  Then out with grandma so she could buy me that thing!  So... I got some TOMS.  Love them!  And then dinner at Benihanna's.  LOVE IT!!!

And finally Sunday!  I think it takes forever to get here!  But we got up and went to this place called Jim Dandy.  Anyone ever heard of it?! Well, we had a coupon so Mike wanted to go.  Never again.  Sorry, Jim Dandy.  But I can get warm food for the same price and it's probably better at Perkins!  Oh well, at least we tried it!  Then we came home and raked the yard so we could reseed it.  Our yard is an on-going process!  It never ends!  Last night I gave Lou a haircut.  Wish I had a picture of his bum... got a bit too close... well, not closer than when they do it at the groomer, but I'll have to post it tomorrow!  You'll laugh.  He's got to feel naked! 

And so far it's not been to bad of a Monday. 

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