Really?! Thank you!

So here I am...
It's Friday.  All I can say is TGIF!!! 

All in all, it's been a long successful week.
*I made it through all my skating.  Just one week until competition!  Don't worry... I'll post something from the competition. 
*I successfully pulled of a semi-hockey pizza party.  By semi, I mean that I did a little decor... not much, but enough for 22 teenage boys. They probably didn't even notice it.  I'll post those pictures sometime next week.
*I drank wine and didn't get a headache!
*Kristina over at a Perfect Dose of Life passed on a Stylist Blogger award to me! Really?!  Thanks Kristina!

With this award, I need to share seven facts about myself. 
I'm not even sure if I have seven facts about myself! 
Seriously... I'm pretty boring!  I'll see how well I can do!

1.  I am a newlywed.  I guess they consider you that for the first year of your marriage.  Married life is married life... we've been together for six and a half years so I'm not sure that we should still be considered newlyweds!  When people ask us how married life is, we respond... we are still married.  I think that's funny.  Sometimes it makes people worry.  Well, don't.  We are just dandy.  I love my Mike!

2.  I come from a family of six.  Mom, Dad, Me, Johnny, Libby, and Michael.  I love having brothers and sisters!  While it's not fun to fight with them, I think we are finally outgrowing that stage!  I'm the oldest and my brother is 23, my sister is 20 (21 in MAY!), and my brother is 12 almost 13 at the end of the month.  Yes, there is a gap there... you didn't read that wrong. 

3.  I was a competitive figure skater from ages 7-18 and when I was 19-20 I toured with a couple of shows professionally.  I competed in the midwest regionals 5x or so... and I completed all the freestyle and moves in the field levels (beginner-senior) and I did a little ice dancing.  When I was at my best, I was doing 3 triples and a double axel.  That was exciting for me...not everyone gets to those levels so this is something I'm very proud of!  I'll have to feature some old school pictures sometime soon!

4.  I went to Catholic School all my life!  AHHHH!!!  16 years!  I swore when I graduated from high school that I would not go to a Catholic College, but I did.  Ooops!  Actually Mike and I went to the same elementary school (a few years apart).  I was a Panther, a Saint, and a Knight!

5.  We have two dogs.  Lex is our almost 5 year old Labradoodle. He's the best!  Best temperament, best attitude, best dog.  Everytime we take him to the dog park, it never fails that someone says to us, "what a cool dog."  He is!  He is the best!  Then there's Louie.  Louie is our 2 year old Schnoodle.  I call him Lovey Louie.  He will jump up in your lap and fall onto your chest so you'll pet him.  When we first got him we couldn't figure out what to name him so one day he was Fukadome (we had just gone to a cubs game) and another he was Batman (because we say his ears are broken and they look like wings when he's running fast).  Oh my pups!



 6.  I'm forgetful.  I think it's just because I usually have so much going on at one time.  But I feel like those Bing commercials... have you seen them?  If not, here's a link.  Check them out and think of me.  It's just going from one topic to another to another to another and you get the idea.  So... I feel like a bing commercial all the time.  On overload!

7.  I'm a cancer.  I don't even know what this means really.  LOL.  I think Mike recently did a compatibility thing using our signs and apparently we are least compatible.  Again, oops!

Well that wasn't so bad...
Happy Weekend!

*Special thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by today's earthquake in Japan and the tsunami's in Japan, Hawaii, the West Coast and all other countries*

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Kristina said...

LOVED your facts!! Happy Friday!

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