It's March 17th. 
I hope you are wearing your green because if you aren't, you probably know by now because you were pinched that...
It's St. Patrick's Day!

Big plans? 
Green Pancakes?  Green Beer?  Green spaghetti?  Green dinner?

Here in Indy, we do a couple of different things...

We make Colt's t-shirts for the day!

We have a parade downtown where people do this!

We turn our canal green for the day!
We always used to have green spaghetti.  Does anyone else do that?  I always thought it was weird to have a green Italian meal instead of an Irish meal.  Hmmm... Tam, did you make that one up?
I'll have to do a recap of whatever we do tomorrow on Friday Faves... :)  Maybe she just did it because it was easy.... the easier, the better, right? 

Oh well, still a good tradition to carry on...

What's your St. Patrick's Day tradition?
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

1 comment:

Kristina said...

I can't say that we have a specific St. Patty's Day tradition. If I didn't just have the flu this week I would probably totally be down for Green Beer, but I'm thinking this year I'm going to have to pass. I am pondering going out for Corned Beef and Cabbage though - one of those things you can only eat once a year. lol Out in front of work there was the downtown parade that lasted a good hour and a half. But besides that, nothing TOO exciting in my city!

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