15/30 & Accountability

Am I feeling inspired this week or something?!?  I must be because I'm going to talk about another 2011 goal of mine today!  Geeze... you are probably like just shut up already?!?  Well, for all you know I could be totally quiet!  heheh.  Remember my 2011 goal from last week?

Goal 2011:
To get into shape!
To get into shape by running!
To get into shape by running a half marathon?!

OH yea, that's right!  I'm going to attempt to do a half marathon come this fall.  Yep, that's right.  I'm going to do it!  [I hope.]  I mean, it can't be that bad, right?!?  I am sure I can do it... aren't you?

Well, seeing as just a couple of years ago I was running 6 miles a couple times a week (during the summer) I'm hoping I can. 

Fort 4 Fitness Half Marathon
via flickr.com
There's a fairly new half marathon in the city I grew up in and where most of our family still resides.  So... I'm hoping to get all the cousins, uncles, and aunts involved either cheering, running, or walking!  So far the cousins and a couple of aunts are up for it... the trouble might lie with the uncles, the brothers, the [original]Hakes!

I think it will be a great event for everyone to do together!  A way to kick-start that workout routine, even if it is only walking a couple nights a week!  It's movement!  And that's important anymore!  We were thinking about getting t-shirts made that say something like "Runnin' 4 Rosie" (our gma who passed away) or I thought the Hussling Hakes would be funny, but it does sound kind of dirty!  haha.  You get the idea! 

Which brings me to my goal (and the title of the post)!  To get my butt in gear, I'm going to go to the gym at least 15 out of the next 30 days.  I'm going to try to keep a little countdown going too.  You'll see something pop up on the sidebar! 

I'd love for you to route me on and if you have a goal like this then I can route you on too!  I need someone to hold me accountable! 

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mskanorado said...

Look at you lady! Kudos to you! Super exciting! I was thinking about you the other day actually! There is a networking group called WINN (women in networking national), there is more info on my site - but I wanted to mention it to you for Stella & Dot for some networking. It's pretty awesome and we do VMeetings so you can network with other business ladies all over the US from the comfort of your home! Check it out if you would like (its under promo stuff on my page) - if not, that's totally fine too!

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