I Think I'll Learn Calligraphy

So...I'm thinking about learning Calligraphy to help cut costs of one thing I want for the wedding -- Calligraphy! I know I'm capable! Everyone always compliments me on my handwriting - neatest and sloppiest. So why not? Why not take on one more challenge while planning a wedding and trying to do so many things? It'll be fun. (above picture from Laura Hooper Calligraphy)

I've asked for calligraphy sets on my Christmas lists. I read them to Santa last night -- you probably know him. He sits in this great leather chair I got him this past summer. He's got a jolly tummy that's making him start to resemble Santa and he even has some salt and pepper hair starting to come in.... Oh wait, that's just Mike. I get easily confused. Sorry. But I did tell him where to find these sets -- Men must be directed.

(above picture from Ariel Yve Design)

Anyways, I think it's a good idea AND it's something I can do after the wedding to and offer to friends! :)
(above picture from Flickr)
Here are a few other Calligraphers that I love.


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