-- 3 Months To Go --

I can't really believe that I'll be married in 3 months.  I would just like to get it over with!  Not in a bad sense, but in a "I"m just ready for all this planning to be over" sense. 

I enjoy looking at all the blogs and working on arrangements and centerpiece ideas and figuring out what goes with what, but the stress of it being my wedding and the random fights with the fiance and the random fights with the parentals and just all the extra random stressors that come into play are not very fun. 

There are some upsides to it though. 
1.  I'll be married. 

2.  I think we get a deduction of somesort on our taxes. 
3.  I think Mike can probably get a new job. 
4.  Kids will be in the not so distant future
5.  We get to have a great big party with some awesome food!  :) 
6.  We finally get to take a vacation.  

7.  Hopefully we get to take a vacation from here on out!  
8.  We can move on to finishing up our house!!!  

9.   We'll get to start making OUR memories as a family.  
10.  We love each other.  :)   

All these things sound good to me.  I think everything will work out ok.  I do need to get those invites out so I'm setting up the dining room table tonight when I get home as my little workspace and will hopefully be able to knock a chunk out of those. 

Other side notes:
- I transferred out of the Mini.  I might try for the one in Fort Wayne come this September. 
- We have decided on a honeymoon spot.  I'll blog about that tomorrow. 
- I think we are right on track with exception of a few minor things. 


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