-- Mini Meltdowns...Random Thoughts...Underwear --

Down to the wire...and the mini meltdowns are happening every day.  I had one in Wal-Mart Sunday and Mike was the lucky one to feel the brunt of it. 

My mom went to get my brother fitted for his suit and when she told them they were there for our wedding they had no clue what she was talking about.  I told Mike to call and I knew he had, but apparently the lady had not written anything down.  I told him that he needed to call back, with measurements, of himself and ALL of his groomsmen so that they were not walking down the isle in their underwear. 

They'll be walking down in their underwear...
Hopefully it's brown and green...
At least that will tie in with the color scheme. 

And I've been sick for over a week now with a head cold/sinus/cough/allergies/drainage thing.  It could go away at any moment.  It's probably because I'm burning the candle at both ends.  With invitations, alterations, dieting and working out, a possible snag with the church decor, skating coming to a season close (or at least a slow), paying of the bills for the wedding, finishing up all the DIY that I've taken on...How can I not be burning it on both ends?  It's no wonder I'm sick. 

Invitations are set to go out by next weekend.  Alterations I'm hoping for a first appointment this week.  Helping Mike with the dieting and exercise.  Church decor is on hold for the moment.  Skating Competition coming up on the 15th -- wish my girls good luck!  :)  The bills just keep coming and the DIY is getting there! 

We'll get there! 
74 Days to go!

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