-- Bad Dreams --

Did any other Bride-to-Be's out there have bad dreams before the big day? 

On Saturday I had a quite humorous nightmare...it was actually quite comical.  My photographer - Amanda Wilcher - was making me laugh with all the outrageous things she was making us do, it was raining and we were wearing rain boots, but my bridesmaids were not wearing the dresses that I had picked out for them instead they were wearing dresses that apparently they had picked out for themselves which had holes all in them.  Mike and the boys were in Jeans and I'm not quite sure what else...actually at one point, I think he was shirtless.  My dress was no where to be seen in this dream...I think my dress quite resembled the one that Amy wears in the "Diary of a Mad Bride."  Priceless. 

I'm wondering what dreams are to come... 

Any dreams that you can remember from before your big day?  I'd love to hear them!  I'm sure there are some good ones out there.

days remaining of unwedded bliss -- 11

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