-- Dinner with the Pope --

Yes, you read that correctly... 

Lets start from the beginning! 

Whitney asked me what I wanted to do for my "bachelorette" party.  Being my always embarrassed by sexual, silly, (Insert boy part here)-straw self I quickly said... I don't want a bachelorette party.  So we thought maybe it might be nice to do like a nice show that came to town and dinner, but the nice shows like Legally Blonde and Jersey Boys were not only a little bit out of the price range, they also came and went quickly.  So...it was just going to be dinner.  But a dinner that we did not expect. 

We were all set to meet at Buca de Beppos.  Whit had reserved a special room.  I didn't really know they had a special room...the only one I knew of was the one in the kitchen.  Anyways, when we walked back to the table, we were greeted by the pope. 

We sat in the Pope room.  Isn't this guy a little creepy though?  Not only was he sitting in the middle of the massive lazy susan, but he had the craziest eyes that you would catch staring at you every once in a while. 

*Notice the Sybaris Phamplet -- Thank you Stacey and Shanna for the lovely bachelorette bag of goodies...Mike has gone through it multiple times and wondered when we are going to use some of the items (special condoms, pregnancy test 2 pack, k-y massage oils in multiple scents, and a bedroom intensity set -- tie ups and a blindfold)...don't worry...I'm sure they won't get much use!  My face is totally red right now writing this! 

(yes, we put these items behind the Pope's back)

**For those of you who don't know what Sybaris is, look it up.  I will not link to their site because I think it's disgusting and it was a joke, but they do apparently give free tours from 1-4 daily and you get a free gift. 

So that's how I had dinner with the Pope and some great girlfriends!  Thanks to Jennie, Ann, Stephanie, Whitney, Emily, Stacey, and Shanna for coming!  I always have a good time with all of you!  We need to do it again soon...Minus Pope-y!  


days remaining of unwedded bliss -- 15

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