-- A Royal Wedding --

Wow.  I heart Wills.  I've loved him since I was little.  I think it had something to do with my mother's obsession with The Royal Family.  She loved Diana.  She had a book, she watched the wedding, she watched her funeral. 

So now, the fascination with Royals has been passed down to me.  I happened to have today off so I was uber lucky to get to watch all this ROYAL ENGAGEMENT coverage! 

First of all... how beautiful is Kate?  She is unbelievably gorg!  Such a striking look!  And she just seems so sure of herself!  Love that! 

Secondly... what better way to make your mother a part of the day than to share her engagement ring with your love?!?  I think that was so special.  And the engagement ring is so unique and lovely.  Everything about this engagement just seems so perfect! 

So now the planning begins.  I thought today I'd remind us of some past Royal Wedding Dress choices. 

1.  Obviously Princess Diana.  Look at that dress!  A definitely show stopper!

2.  Queen Elizabeth II.  The current queen.  A lovely simple wedding dress. 

3.  Grace Kelly.  Who doesn't love Grace Kelly?  She looks absolutely gorgeous in this dress and it has  a timeless elegance about it. 

I don't think Kate's dress will look anything like these, but I'm sure it will be a show stopper in itself!  Any Royal Wedding Dresses you love?!

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