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Anyone else obsessed with Robert and Courtney Novogratz?  I have been ever since they were on Bravo - 9 by Design.  Love them and everything they do!  Yes, even their kids names!  Don't judge me... Wolfgang, Tallulah, Bellamy, Breaker, Five, Holleder, and Major.  They all have meaning too!  Love it!

But now, they are back!  With their own design show on HGTV - Home by Novogratz.  I love the eclectic mix that they bring to spaces and still keep it real, funky, and fresh!  It always works...whatever they do!  I also love how they always put ORIGINAL artwork into their rooms!  No doubt they are some of my favorite designers... completely different than my ultimate fave Sarah Richardson but if they came to my door tomorrow and said we'd like to redo your space for you -- I'd agree in .02 seconds! 

So here are some examples of their spaces...

This was a beach house 20 minutes from Manhattan and was for two sisters in their 20s/30s.  Funky and Fresh.  The wall treatment is another piece of art!  AND they even put a pink stove in the kitchen around the corner!  Love!

I'm not sure how I feel about the sofa and chair although they do look pretty darn comfy... but those pictures on the wall are GORG!

 I love everything about this kitchen!  I love the rustic, worn, vintage stools and cart.  Mixed with the modern chairs around the kitchen table it totally works! I love that the walls are almost black if they aren't really black and I LOVE that picture! 

 Umm...I bet this is a really hard one for you to guess my favorite thing?!?  Duh!  The LUNCH sign!  Vintage - Classic - LOVELY - and workable!  No to mention the gorgeous white piano with the deer hanging overhead... LOVE that deer!

And lastly... their latest home!  Well, that they live in!  Apparently before the Bravo show which they finished this home on, they would redo homes and sell them!  Kind of like flipping, but they always made them their own somehow!  This one is very cool!  A definite standout and if I remember correctly, the blue and white treatment on the front is from an artist!  It's all original! 

I wanna be like them when I grow up! ;)

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