Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Well, I'm going to have my first official Mother's Day this year and have been pondering what to tell the husband to get me!  haha... Just kidding!  He asked first!

Like he could get away with saying Ella was enough...

Ok, he might be able to get away with that... Isn't she the sweetest?

But it got me to thinking...

Definitely no chocolate this year as I'm still trying to get rid of this baby weight... and probably will be for a while.  It's beguiling this weight problem... You think you are doing well and them BAM you get on the scale to find you've either lost nothing or gained!  It has to be the schedule... Ugh to the schedule, sleepiness, baby weight... Ugh to it all, but Happy Mother's Day, right?!

Maybe a house cleaning... Oh, we did just have that done. 
We found someone on Care.com to try out and she did an amazing first job!  I couldn't believe it!  She was there for 3 hours which either tells you we are super dirty people (which I hope is not the case) or she was busting her but to make the house look really good!  And it does!  I loves her!  Because let's be honest... no one likes to clean the bathroom! 

Maybe a necklace?
I never thought I'd be one of those mom's (no offense if you are one) that wore their kids around their neck, but Christina Applegate does it well on Up All Night... She's always got her Amy necklace on... And she makes it work...

 So maybe since I have most of the makings for this, I'll just ask for an "E" from Stella & Dot to go with the rest of my stuff.  I have Ella's birth stone and I have another charm to mix in so I could potentially have something like this... which I could see myself wearing. 

I think I'd mix the E, my zodiac sign, and Ella's birthstone.  Hmmm....
Did you hear that Mike?
Think you might want some charms?  Get them here

Yes, I know...shameless plug!

Ok, I'm done... sorry just wanted to share!

Or maybe I'd like some plants for the house...
We do have a dead bush right in our front landscaping that I'm hoping to replace with a lilac bush. 

Maybe one like this?
I love lilac bushes!  They smell so good and even if it is for a short time they make me love them!  Plus, you can cut the stems and bring them inside to smell up your house!  Love it!

You can get them at Lowes.
Did you hear that Mike?

Or maybe a massage...
Oooo... a massage... Yes, maybe this!

Did you hear that Mike?
I even have a giftcard so really you'd just have to watch Ella!
Did you hear that Mike?! 

So there are my ideas for Mother's Day...
Other items I can always use are...
Bath and Body Works Stuff
Money! hah
Another Purse
Clothes - Gift Certs!

And thanks for bearing with me guys... this whole going back to work thing with a baby who was sleeping pretty well through the night but isn't anymore is kind of killing me at the moment.  Not to mention that Mr. K and I are both back on the ice about 5 days a week.  Needless to say, I'm getting worn down and the blog has had to be pushed to the wayside momentarily. 

Don't worry though, I will be getting back on track soon (I hope) and will be able to share all my finished and ongoing projects with you! 

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Our Pinteresting Family said...

Your daughter is just beautiful. Enjoy your first mother's day!! :) Any of those gifts would be wonderful choices. Megan

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