Halloween 2012 -- Our House

Well, it's over...
My husband's favorite non-holiday! 
We made it through...

Even though we had to readjust and redo most of our decorations throughout the month of October mostly due to wind, we made it. 

The Monster Box was a success again, Rodger was a success again, and the Bat was a huge hit for some reason. 

Mr K says we should start charging $5 for pictures.  We didn't, but we easily could have made at least $100 doing that!  haha.

Here's my little butterfly with Rodger.  Surprisingly she was not scared of him.

The Large and In Charge Bat -- he needs a name.

With the Monster Box -- A ton of little girls were like "Look at the zombie mommy!"  Which made me laugh because consistently the little boys were scared of it. 
I mean, I'm scared of it!

From the Road
Our Cemetery and Gatekeeper Rodger

With the Fog
That Mr K couldn't get started until halfway through the evening!

Rodger and his shadow that is cast upon our house.... a little freaky.
Sorry it's a little blurry -- I can't figure out the night vision on this camera yet!

And our house guest for the night... Whit!  She came over for some chili and to see all the little trick-or-treater's!  Thanks for joining us Whit! 

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween and didn't get too frozen while out and about!  It was so cold here... and wet.  Because of this, we just stayed home and let Baby Kakes help us out with the handing out of candy.

Until next year... I think we'll be changing a lot of stuff up. We need some new stuff!

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