Christmas Photo Booth

I know this is a little late coming out, but about 30 days late isn't too bad for me considering how I was this fall...

But these photos below are too priceless not to share!  My parents usually do Christmas Karaoke, which is fun, but for some reason this year just didn't have the same feeling. 

So naturally I decided to do a photo booth session!  I had purchased a set at Hobby Lobby on sale one weekend while out shopping for the dollhouse and of course in our "Pack our car up until it's bursting at the seems with 3 humans, 2 dogs, and EVERY other item you can think of" we forgot the kit.  This meant last minute printing, cutting, pasting, and creating! 

We printed a lot of things offline that were FREE kits of holiday or Christmas photo booth.  I just searched both "Holiday Photo booth Free Printable" and "Christmas Photo booth Free Printable" and was able to come up with all these props!  I give myself props for being savvy! 

And everyone seemed to like it...

This is my Cousin Lanah and her boyfriend Fernando

Mike and Myself

Family Photo Op!

My sister Libby and cousins Stefanie, & Katie

Family Hake -- Uncle Jim, Aunt Carol, Anna & Ryan

Cousin Stefanie & her boyfriend Thomas

Uncle Tim

Uncle Tim and his girls (minus 1)!

Uncle Ed

The Brothers Hake
(minus 2)

Cousin Jonathan & his girlfriend Payton

My Grandma & Grandpa Gallops

And my siblings...
Michael & Johnny
Libby & Me

And next year it's on to bigger and better things...
Better Planning
Better Props
Better Backdrop/Setting

Happy Belated Holidays! 

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