Fall Family Pictures - Outfitting

It's that time of year for fall family pictures and picking one out for the Christmas cards...
My friend Amy said she'd take ours this season... I asked her after I realized we haven't had family pictures taken since Ella was 4 months old.  Oops! 

I also have a couple of Maeve pieces sitting in the garage so we are going to take full advantage of those and utilize them if we can!  That was the easy part...

Outfitting the session is always SO hard for me.  I don't like to think I have awful style, but I know I have an awfully put together closet!  haha... Well at least I like to think so since I feel like I can't ever put anything together really!  And Mr K really doesn't have much these days either... so finding 3 outifts that are somewhat color coordinated and don't clash with each other is a project. 

I've been laying outfits out for over a week now... 

And I wasn't really liking much of anything...

But here's what I've finally come up with...

Option 1 : Rain Boots (which Ella has but I don't so I'd have to go buy)
I love the idea of the rain boots, but the fact that I don't own them yet makes me feel like I'll be running around again looking for them. 
Sources ::
Me :: Dress (similar) // Boots
Ells :: Dress // Boots
Mr K's Outfit :: Shirt // Sweater // Jeans // Shoes (similar) {same in all pics}

Option 2 : Denim All Around 

This option is a little more casual for Ells.  I do like how this one kind of all flows together though...
Sources ::
Me :: Dress (similar) // Boots // Belt (similar)
Ells :: Shirt // Vest (similar) // Jeans // Booties (similar)

Option 3 : Chambray & Boots

Booties looks so cute right now with all the dresses -- unfortunately my legs are uber white so unless I get a spray tan (or Amy can Photoshop tan on my legs) I might look like a ghost. 
Sources ::
Me :: Dress (similar) // Boots // Belt (similar)
Ells :: Dress // Boots (similar)

Options 4 : Mint Skirt & Birdsong

So the Birdsong at Dawn Dress which Ells has mixes with the mint skirt because there's tiny hints of mint in that dress... But is the mint too much?  I'm thinking so... especially when looking at it here.  I just thought it might add a touch of bohemian which I usually adore. I was hoping to find the nude color in the skirt but they didn't have my size...
Sources ::
Me :: Skirt (similar) // Sweater // Booties
Ells :: Dress // Boots (similar)

Have a favorite?  I'd love the help! 

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