House Tour 2016 :: Kitchen & Living Room

I feel like I do a home tour every year and it sometimes is a mess, sometimes it doesn't get finished, and almost always have bad photos because of the maddening light in my house.

But here we go again... I shall try. 
And I feel like many things have changed since last years home tour so... my downstairs.

My lovely teeny tiny kitchen.

Last year we finished off our island cabinet and I can't even tell you how much this pretty lady has come in handy!  In a kitchen as small as ours, any extra cabinet space comes is necessary!   And since it is so teeny tiny, this is really the only photo.

:: Still needs work ::
*New kitchen table
*Paint Cabinets - We got the Rustoleum Kits for Christmas (you can't see cabinets obviously)
*New counterstools & chairs
*Bench Cushions
*New counters
*New Sink

Then we have the living room, right off the entry & kitchen.  Right now it's feeling very bland which I'm kind of liking and kind of not.  I'm torn by decluttering and the love I have for eclectic things.  I don't want to be too wacky.  I think I came to the conclusion that I'm a bit of a hipster and I'd like to infuse my hipster feel through artwork.

We are a bit still in the stage of hand-me-down furniture and mismatched items although I don't really mind. 

We are loving our new sofa from IKEA - I can't tell you how well it washes, wears, and its just so comfy!  Very pleased with my big purchase.

And I like the pop of red that the leather chair gives so it will stay with us probably long past it's glory days.

:: Still Needs Work ::
*New Sofa Table
*New Lamps
*New Artwork

Not too much to do in the living room, but the kitchen needs some love.  It's still pretty cookie cutter and I'd love it to be a little different. 

Next time -- Entry, Pantry/Office, & Potties!


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