Almost Half Way Resolution Recap

Well it's almost mid May and I thought it would be a good time to check in on those resolutions since I know that next month will be getting to be a bit busy with Maeve... So...

I resolved to:
Get Organized
Read More
Love More
Have a Baby
Pray More
Find My Happy

Lets see...
I feel like I've made progress on the get organized but not feeling like I'm there yet.  My house has been slowing being cleaned out, and slowly purged... and by slowly I mean SLOWLY.  But hey, progress is progress.
My favorite things to help with this -- my ACCOMPLISH notepad, Google Drive, and my Planner.

I have not read more...  I have read 1 book which means I'm 4 months late.  haha.  I'd like to grab a few quick reads and get those done, so stay tuned on this one!  Instead I've been Netflix Binging... #itsaproblem

Love more.... hmmm.... I'm not feeling like this has been happening... or maybe it has but I just can't see it because stresses of life are still getting the best of me.  I'm still liking the idea of this and I feel like I'm most giving of myself during the holidays... Love projects at the moment are - myself, surprising my parents with patio furniture,  working on free events through Maeve, and loving on my family.

Next up, have a baby.  Well wouldn't you know it, I was preggers when I wrote that and didn't even know.  I'm due October 3rd.  Yay.  And good timing to have some holidays off!  Hoping everything goes well this time around -- I'm more nervous this time around but so far so good!

I have not prayed more.  I often think I should, probably why I made it a resolution.  However, do you ever feel like no matter what you do you are always getting shit on?!  Well that's me right now... kind of in a funk of it.  I feel like I work hard, I try to make things work, I try to make things happen, I take care of everything, and I just get crapped on constantly.  I'm struggling with this these days... maybe more on the blog soon.

Since the above is kinda wonky, I have not found my happy. I know what makes me happy - being creative and having clean spaces! hahha.. But seriously, the clutter makes me anxious.  However, my life at the moment doesn't allow for me to be creative all the time... Real life gets in the way.  I just feel like finding my happy is going to mean A LOT of changes that I'm not sure I have the strength to tackle.
So there's the recap of the goals... I always feel like life gets in the way no matter what so maybe if you accomplish 50% of what you set out to do that year, you are on the right track, right?!

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