Bridal Bootcamp Begins

So it’s official…Bridal Bootcamp started last night. The dieting started a couple of weeks ago, but very casually, but the running began again last night. I’m going to try to do a Mini-Marathon in Fort Wayne in September. That will give me a goal. Below is the bootcamp gamplan.

Week of June 8th

(and hopefully beyond!)

Monday -- 2 Mi
Tuesday -- Jillian's Shred Video
Wednesday -- 2 Mi
Thursday -- 2 Mi
Friday -- Jillian's Shred Video
Saturday -- Jillian's Shred Video
Sunday -- 3.5 mi
9.5 Mi

Looking at that, that’s a lot, but that will be the same for a few weeks until I get my stamina back up. Wish me luck!

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