Random Wedding Wishes

Tonight I sat outside looking once again at the growing stack of weddin gmagazines and I've come to the conclusion that everything I love is way out of my budget, too eclectic, and doesn't flow. What's left after I scour the pages and tear out what I like would probably pull together into a pretty nice weddint, but none of it is me or Mike.

I want Casual, Modern, Fun, Whimsy, Chic, Classic, with a touch of Sporty since we are having the reception at the baseball stadium...it only seems appropriate. I want everyone to get it and I want it to be a night, not only Mike and I remember, but one our friends and families will too. I wonder when I'll come to the happy medium?!?!

I think I have too much time to plan...it would be fine if the wedding were one week away.

PS...I forgot to attach the engagement ring. Here she is. :)

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