Wedding Planners — Yes or No?

This past week I met with two lovely wedding planners. They were great. Both offered great ideas and great committment to my day. The price tags were a bit steap though. I mean, I understand, but when it comes down to it I have to sit back and wonder, do I really NEED a wedding planner?

April Foster of April Foster Events was great. She had was ready to go with some great ideas and offered great services. She had a list of questions ready to ask and offered great advice as she’s obviously done this before.

Lindsey Schrivner of Bustle Event and Design was great as well. She’s a newlywed – just last year - so weddding planning is fresh in her mind. A modern and classy duo, she and her sister give it their all to make your wedding ideas become a reality. I thought I’d throw it out there.
Love you both.

Most churches or sites come with wedding planners these days and the receptions sites have the “go to” people to make sure things on their end go smooth. So…how many of you are having wedding planners and what is your suggestion?

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