While I do not have an obsession with Tori Spelling, I do find her decorating something I envy.  I do find her a bit over the top, but what mom isn't... at least those who can be, right?  And I enjoy stories on Tori and Dean and babies Liam and Stella. 

So the other day when I was scanning through all the updates for blogs I follow, I saw that Hooked on Houses had a feature about the Spelling Mansion finally selling.  Of course, I hop on over there to check out the pics.  Apparently I've never really seen them before so I read the entire post, start to finish - not just looking at the pictures which lets be honest, sometimes happens.  But doesn't this picture just make you want to read more?!?


Toward the end there was a link to EdiTORIal.  It's Tori's new website which has an entire sections devoted to decorating, crafting, living, loving, etc.  It's actually quite wonderful.  And one of the best parts, it's like a community... you can join and discuss and comment and post.  It's like Tori's Facebook!  haha. 


I'm sure I'll be hopping over there often. 
Can't wait to see all the things she shares!!!

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