Wedding Wear

We recently got some wedding stuff in the mail! 

YAY!!!  It's that time again!!! 

This weekend, Mr. K is going on his "Hangover II" bachelor party in Vegas.  Last year I swear that they totally had a HANGOVER experience.  I think it took Mr. K about a week to recover fully.  These guys just aren't what they used to be.  And now he's going back with four of the same friends to have another HANGOVER experience.  Lucky kids they are!

I'm hoping he takes some pictures so that I can share his experience (since I never have ones like he does)!

Anyways, we have two weddings so far this summer to attend.  One in Iowa on our anniversary weekend and another in Chicago over Labor Day weekend.  So excited to make the Chicago one AN ENTIRE WEEKEND IN CHICAGO!  Cha-Ching. 

But for now, I must figure out what to wear...
I've been eyeing a few things from JCrew and Banana Republic. 
I'll have my Stella & Dot jewelry to wear - at least I'm set there... But here are two sets that I came up with. 

Banana Republic:
Banana Wedding Options 1
I of course like the little black dress because it will go with everything and anything but I'm loving that electric blue dress right now as well.  And the back is to die for!  I'd just have to figure out what to wear with whatever I chose.  Is the electric blue too much for a wedding?

Then there's JCrew:
Wedding Option 2

I don't know if you can tell, but I think I seem to find this one a bit more flexible as far as options.  See how many jewels are on there?  All available here and there are some GREAT sales going on right now!

I'm also hoping that whatever I choose, I can wear for HOOPLA - Stella & Dot's yearly party training!  It's a big huge convention and this year they are looking at around 4000 attending!  Woah! 

Ok... enough for now. 
Any suggestions on budget friendly wedding wear? 

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