My Mini Fashionista

Ella is 8 months old... I can barely believe it. 

She has one heck of a Fall wardrobe too.  I mean, I want to have her clothes...
They are all comfy, cute, and everyone loves them! 

This weekend we went on a hockey trip with Mr. K to meet the parents from his team and to just go with him since otherwise we are at home and he's away.  It was to St. Louis -- which by the way is a very cool city if you haven't been or if you are planning on going...

Ells was fashion forward all weekend...

And a hit with all the hockey moms...

Day 1 - Travel & Watching Practice
Target Baby
Tiny Toms

Day 2, outfit 2
First outfit was dirty immediately following breakfast.
H&M Baby
Target Baby
Baby Gap
Livie & Luca Shoes

Day 3 -- Morning Book Break
Children's Place

Day 3 -- Watching Daddy Coach
Children's Place Pants
Baby Zara Boots
Baby Gap Wrap Jacket

Day 3 - Going Home
With Bud -- The Clydesdale from Anheuser Busch

Overall good weekend...
More to come

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