Getting Things Done Week -- Edition One, Volume Two

Here we go again... more brown wood to light!  Getting things done never felt so good!  I think my real "you must make this happen" moment was when I woke up a couple weeks ago and it was FREEZING and I realized I would probably want to park in the garage here soon!  So... I call it getting things done, but you might just call it cleaning out the garage! 

And let's be real, we all know I'm super bad a taking before pictures so hopefully this below will suffice.  Here is my gorgeously sad (well not really) new-to-me pedestal dining table.  We drove by it at a garage sale one day and I thought it looked different.  Then we we got out to look at it, they were just taking donations = super awesome deal alert! 

So, I offered them $40 -- which I think was fair.  In retrospect, I probably could have offered $35, but it was a solid wood table (that did have a few dings in it) so I'm ok with the $40 I paid.

I then went to Lowe's and followed the instructions I found from Cate on Centsational Girl for how to redo a table.  Below is my version of her instructions. 

1. Find Table
2. Sand table
3. Prime table with my new favorite primer - Zinsser Primer - I can't believe I didn't know about this before!
4. Choose a Satin Paint Color - I choose to do a paint with primer in it just to be safe too.
5. Paint!  I will say I used a brush for the bottom and a roller for the top and would have done brush on all if I could do it over again.
5. Let Paint sit for 24 hours.
6. Sand out any imperfections... Like Roller marks hence the earlier comment.
7. Paint 2nd coat.
8. Let sit for 24 hours.
9. Buff/Sand out any thing you'd like, rough up the edges, etc. 
10. Wipe down and then apply wax finish.  You will want to do this about 3x in a row rubbing in circles and let it cure for a day or two.  I did another 3x coat about 3 days later. 
And Voila!

I am in love with my new white table (still in two pieces)!  I did end up buffing out the edges to give it a little dimension, and I do want to add the copper plates back on after I rub & buff them, but here she is at the moment.  There are also some holes I'd like to fill as well ;)

This project did take me a while, but it's now "getting done" and has made a move from the shop aka garage to the kitchen!  Yay!  Check back later this week to see it in it's new home!


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