House Tour : Baby Kake's Bedroom (In Transition)

Does anyone else ever feel really good about the status of a room, then take pictures of it and realize all the things you missed in picking up or taking care of that you mean to?!  No, just me?!? 
Well after looking at these pictures, I feel that way! 

Now I will begin this post with the fact that Baby Kake's room has changed since these pictures were taken.  There are still a ton of things that need to be done in here, but it is on it's way to getting somewhere better!  I'm saying it's "in transition" because it is just that.  We are still figuring out what works for Ells in her big girl room and what doesn't.  So it might be a while until we are for sure on what's going on in here!

Let's not judge the makeshift sheets.  Momma found an amazing deal on this Jenny Lund - ish bed and couldn't pass it up.  The color is so perfect and I liked the idea of having an extra "full" bed incase we had guests over.  So I snagged it up for $60.  Holla! 

Ells even went to pick it up with me at the antique store and it sat in the garage for a few days until I had the courage to rearrange her room, tackle taking her crib apart and putting this one together! 

Once I got it together, I realized we didn't really have a matteress for her!  This one sits a little high so we are going to replace it, but for now she uses the mattress from the guest room. 

You can see there are a few things that need to be addressed in here..
The curtain... I am thinking I might need another panel.
The Nightstand... Needs painted to match the dresser.
Sheets... Need child appropriate ones!


Wall Decor... Update/Create/Move around.

Shelves... organize and utilize better. 

It's just looking like a bit of a hodge podge in here.  I think the newest arrangement is better, but I'll get a few more things done/changed before it gets another reveal!  So maybe we should be calling this the "before.

Do you guys use your kids rooms as guest rooms? 
Did that come into play when decorating and purchasing furniture?


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