White River Gardens

We've got our first Indianapolis Zoo Membership last year around this time... actually it expired yesterday so literally around this time and we have used that puppy like it was going out of style.  I mean, we might as well have our own zoology certifications or something because we know that place backwards and forwards... but we didn't realize until this past weekend that admission to the White River Gardens (which is right next door) was included!  Oops!  Guess we've been missing out on this part...

So we went...

We actually looked into having our wedding her 4 years ago but then it was decided that we had to have our wedding in Fort Wayne so all Indy locations were nixed.  It really is beautiful though...

But this was Ella's first time there...

There are some amazing butterflies in the enclosed gardens.  Some were HUGE! 
I was surprised at how big they were and they were everywhere. 

It was fun to see her reaction to them... she was constantly looking up! 

See the 2 in this picture?  They are kind of hard to see... sorry for the bad photos... I'm working on it.

Sorry... she's just too cute! 

Then we headed out to the outdoor gardens and she was off!  They had all these really cute little animal statues and fountains and it was the perfect weather... A little bit overcast and about 75!  Side note, thanks to the Summer Polar Vortex, we've had our air off for an entire week...
Say what?!

Ells loved playing in any water she could find...
Which left her shirt quite wet, but we didn't care! 
She really enjoyed it and my favorite part of it was
(1) that it was FREE and
(2) we were outside and not inside watching TV! 

I asked her to pretend to be the laughing turtle and this is what we got...

Another moment where she just ran... and ran...

And ran... In the beautifully serene wedding gardens.

See... totally into any water she could find! 

We had a great time... Even if I looked like death!

My little Miss... she's getting so big. 

So big that she even took this photo of us on the bench before we headed over to the zoo!
Can you believe she took this picture? 
She's 2.5?!  holy wow. 

The gardens were beautiful.  I ended up spending much of the weekend outside. 
One of my favorite places to be. 
But the weather was just perfect. 
And now, back to 90 degrees this week so the air will be turned back on.

Happy Monday!
Up tomorrow, part 2 of our trip - We're going to the Zoo!

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