-- DIY Painted Vases --

I'm attempting a little DIY this weekend.  I take that back A LOT of DIY this weekend.  I am hoping to be putting together and trimming up my invitations so that all I need to do is print them, but along with that I'm going to be doing a good bit of spray painting.  Yep, you heard me.  I'm busting out my craftiness and channeling my Martha to pull out my best version of some painted vases. 

I went to Goodwill last weekend and scarfed up all the white, pewtred, plain glass, yellow, metalic, you name it vases...so long as they had a pattern on it and were less than $1.50 a piece they were mine.  I even got some of them at half off.  You have to love Goodwill for their half off days!  Then I went to Lowes and picked up some Mocha/Chocolate colored spray paint. 

Maybe I should back up a little bit.  I was inspired by this DIY setting on Style Me Pretty and I thought, hey...I can do that.  I like the idea of small vases on smaller tables because it can give the illusion of a lot of flowers without there being a lot which = lower cost.  LOVE IT!  Here is what there's turned out like:

So beautiful it's not even fair. 

Mine will be chocolate in color and accented with whatever green/chartreusey colored vases, candles, and flowers I can find.  I've also found some really neat bronzy colored accent pieces a few places that I may start ravaging through and adding those in for some sass and extra color.  I think the centerpieces may turn out super sassy and I may be very very proud of what I did
(insert music symbols here) All by myself (insert more music symbols here).

Here's my process for painting the vases! 
They still need another coat but here is the process start to finish.  99 cent white glass vases, a little spray paint, and voila!


The best thing about the vases is that you can then give flower to people in them (it's not regifting because you totally crafted it in the first place!), you can use them in your house, you could let people take them home with them and you don't have to care becuase you spen next to nothing on them, and they are simply sassy and gorgeous!

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