-- Skating --


This is a huge part of both of our lives.  Today I taught lessons from 9am-3pm and then tonight we will go back to the rink to watch Mike's hockey team play their Senior night.  And at this moment I'm actually watching speed skating.  It's like I can't get away from it...EVER. 

I feel like Skating should be represented somewhere in our wedding, but I'm not sure how.  Oh well, until I figure it out, enjoy some skating pics! :)
(Mike and I skating at Millenium Park and Chicago last January)

(Some engagement pictures we had taken using the ice as a prop/backdrop)

(A picture of me from Seybold Skating that I had taken while I was trying out for skating shows)

(Pictures of Mike coaching Cathedral Chatard Hockey Club)

(Mike is 1st on the far left top row.  This is a picture of his college hockey team.)

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