-- Batteries --

Sorry for the lack of bloggy-ness!  I do apologize...but I do have blame to place.  The blame must be placed on batteries. 

I need to take pictures of things. 

I have an idea of a new thread to start on random days, where I'll take pictures of Lex, Lou, Mike, Friends and it will be called  - Love the One Your With.  I was hoping it would not always be the most flattering pictures, or of places you would not always want to be, but because it was for your significant other or your friends, but it leads back to relationships which is what this blog is all about right now.  

I need to photograph the centerpiece ideas I have or the newly revamped painted vases.  

Or the progress of the invitations...

I wish I could show you my dismal progress at the gym...

But since I don't have any batteries... oh yea, and the camera on my phone is currently broken ... then until I get my sick self out to get them today I can't get back on track for blogging.  My head is about to explode with ideas...well, that might be a lie, but there is at least a weeks worth.  

Anyways, for now... here's a picture of the one thing I need... B-A-T-T-E-R-I-E-S! 

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