-- It's Starting to Settle In --

So here we are...

5 months
138 days
However you want to look at it

And the stresses are starting to settle in. 

Mike and I are fighting a little bit more.  The tension in the house is a bit more.  I'm taking on more projects to keep my mind off of the wedding - painting the bedroom...should probably rephrase that, REpainting the bedroom.  I'm taking on more skating lessons than I thought I would at this point.  Anything to keep me moving and my mind from stressing...

But it's not working very well. 

I'm starting to stress. 

Hair will start to fall out soon. 

Mike will start to get yelled at more. 

More fights with the mother will begin to come. 

And I'm sure the crying will come. 


Thanks for listening!  ;)

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