-- Tons to Do --

What to do?!?  Oh wait...I know...I have tons to do! 

We are now down to 4 months.  I think I pretty much have a handle on things.  Here are the remaining items for these next 2 months.

1. I need to start addressing the envelopes for the invitations and then once Mike and I decide on which invitation style we like the best, we can start printing them. 
2. We actually should probably once over the actually list of invitees again...it's been a while.  We need to figure out who's doing what at the ceremony. 
3. I need to contact the music man for the ceremony.  Maybe my mom can do that!  Hmmm...I hate making phone calls (emails are totally my way of contacting people...ask Mike). 
4. I should probably make an alterations appt, but I need to find the right undergarments first!  That ought to be zero fun for me!  lol. (blog post to come)
5. Double check with bridesmaids to make sure they have dresses. 
6. FIND JEWELRY!!! (blog post to come)
7. FIND VEIL OR HEADPIECE!!! (blog post to come)
8. Pay off photographer... (blog feature to come)
9. Pay off DJ...
10. Work on Centerpieces (blog post to come)

And while all that's going on, continue working 40 hrs a week, teaching skating part time about 10 hrs, playing mom for one of those weeks for my favorite girls, and trying to not pull my hair out!  :) 

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