-- Veil or Headpiece --

Since I started looking at wedding dresses I had my heart set on a cute little headpiece to be worn offset in my short hair...maybe with a little feather and some glitz, but not too much. Now, I find myself looking at blusher veils along with headpieces. 

Here are what I'm down to: 

This is The Amelia from austie on Etsy.  I love their bridal accessories.  They really have lovely and unique qualities to them.  My only worry is that it might be too much. 

Then I kind of love this Haute Couture Angelina Angled Demi Veil from CR Boggs Designs on Etsy.  I love that it has a little glitz, a little feather, and a sassy angled veil.  I also love the type of sheer used for the veil.  I think I just love it. 

Then there's this Sugar Baby Birdcage Veil from Wedding Aisle on Etsy.  I think I mostly love the bow on top, but it might be a bit over the top if you know what I mean...at least for my wedding.  I do love it's simplicity though.  It's almost just too cute. 

And finally, there's this vintage hair comb.  Simple. Classic.  Understated.  It might work as well.
It's from OhFaro's shop on Etsy. 

So there are my veil/hair/headpiece options...
What do you think? What did you do?

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