I'm sick and tired of being sick...
This weekend I was sick.  Monday I was sick.  Now I'm tired. 

While I was sick yesterday though, I did make much progress on the invitations.  I found 3 lovely veils of which I need to decide on, and now I'm headed on over to TheKnot.com to see how far behind I really am!  lol. 

I also checked out a few vendors for flowers as I'm doing all that myself and I'm now sure that it will be no problems! 

Oh yea!  And we went and met with Maureen from Catablu (cutest restaurant in the WORLD) to try some of the food for our menu and it was all WONDERFUL and she set my mind and Mike's mind at ease!  So now he can stop bothering me on how this is all going to come together!  She's great!  But let me tell you...the mini crabcakes were delish! 

Love it! 

Enough for now!  Just wanted to update since I've been on hiatus recently.  I will work on blogging more often now!  :)

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