-- Burn Out? --

Do you think that it's a good or bad thing working working working to save save save for a wedding??? 

I feel like I may be beginning to burn out.  I'm tired all the time.  When I go home I feel like I never have time to relax because it's always just discussing things about the wedding or skating or working more or emailing or calling someone about the wedding or skating. 

I really enjoy the fact that it's been really easy to save up for things!  THANK GOODNESS for that, but when do I stop so that I can relax?!? 

Or do I?

I probably won't.  I don't want to get behind.  And I don't want to let anyone down or "lose my spot" or students.  Ugh...the politics. 

Last night I literally sent 12 emails in 1 hour regarding skating lessons this week or next, made 2 phone calls to set up new lessons, and practiced my calligraphy skills -- which might I add were not too bad, in their own cursivy kind of way.  But it was like get home from work, sit down, eat dinner, work again at another work, and go to bed. 

Now...I really need to get myself motivated again for this Mini-Marathon because I'm just mentally and physically worn out! 

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