-- Building a Tux --

FYI, this is not like Build a Bear.  It can be done from the comfort of your own home while watching Sleepless in Seattle and drinking a cup of coffee.  No children involved!

At this point in the wedding planning process, I've done this about 10x now.  However, I finally came across a place that rents SUITS!!!  And Tan ones at that!  YAHOO!  I can't even explain to you how excited this made me!  And to top it all off...there were 3 - yes, you heard it - 3 retailers in Fort Wayne that rented them! Thank GOD!!! 

Jims Formal Wear offers suit Rental.  If you go to Mens Wearhouse and ask them to rent a tan suit they look at you like you are the most crazy person in the world and like no one has ever asked them this question before (even though you, I, and all the other brides in the world know this is not the case) and then they try to sell you 1 of the 2 tan suits they sell.  FAIL.

Here are some pictures to see the nice tan suits from Jims!  I was so e-cited!  :)

We are going to do a Stephen Geoffrey/Alfresco (Tan) Suit with an Ivory shirt and a chocolate paisley tie.  Then we'll have chocolate calfskin shoes to round out the look.  I hope this all works out because I think it will look soooo good.  :) 

Here is the link to build your suit.

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William said...

Little Miss,
www.savviformalwear.com has a Build-A-Tux feature as well. The great thing about Savvi stores is that they are all locally owned and operated. There merchandise is warehoused locally as well. Jim's is a good company, but their merchandise will be shipped in a box to your local dealer from an out of state distribution center. There are actually several tan suits available in the market. My advice is to see it and feel it in person before you make a decision from a catalog. Good luck!

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