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I know this was a while ago, but I’m just getting to post/write about it. So here goes…
A few weeks ago I drove to Memphis to visit my sister with my mom and brothers. Sister goes to Christian Brothers University and plays soccer as their goalie. You might remember me talking about her here. This was a super memorable trip…Stuck in the car with my mom and brothers for 8 hours brings out the best in us.

During the drive, Older Younger Brother made up some songs…think SNL Lunch Lady Land-ish or any random Adam Sandler song. My little brother and I worked the McDonalds system to get the most Monopoly tickets as possible for the least amount of money. And my mom tried to keep the peace and from peeing her pants during the insane laughing bouts!

Once we got there, we met up with Libby and enjoyed some Hueys. This place was good and fun. You can shoot toothpicks through a straw to stick into the ceiling. We stuck most of ours in the cobwebs since it was decorated for Halloween. My mother ordered a Bluez burger but though it was pronounced Blueys like Hueys so we all laughed and asked her all weekend if she wanted a Blueys Burger.

Next stop was Pottery Barn Outlet while brothers stayed at the hotel to watch some Notre Dame Football and “tailgate” in the room. Sister had an early afternoon practice so we didn’t have much to do without her. Those Pottery Barn Outlets are AMAZING!!! Have you been to one?! I thought I was going to die!!! And the best part was that they had West Elm items too!!! This VALIDATED MY LOVE OF WEST ELM.

Once practice was over, we picked everyone up and drove to the Nike Outlet that Sister could not stop talking about. She said it was the best outlet ever. Two hours later, we had exhausted our looking and found a few things. Nothing much of a big deal, but they did have like running shorts and pants for $10. Nice. On the way there, we had driven past Graceland so we stopped on the way back.

Graceland was so beautiful. It’s a shame that the areas around it have not been kept up. We did a little Elvis memorabilia shopping and walked by the Lisa Marie Jet that sits in a parking lot across the street. We didn’t go in, but we signed the wall and my mom cried. She does that.

Next stop Sister’s game. It had rained all morning and all forcasts called for like 60% precipitation, but we kept hope that we would be able to see a game…since that’ s the reason we came in the first place! Well, not the case. We watched the 1st half and then the game was called on account of TORRENTIAL downpour.

So that night we went to Kooky Canucks. That place is awesome! They have the head of every kind of animal on the wall. Not that I’m for that, but I’m always amazed by the beauty of the animals. They had buffalo,

Next day we left….Lots and lots of family bonding and all in all it was a good weekend.

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