-- San Diego --

So I'm in San Diego for work. 

It's actually a nice change since when I left Indiana yesterday it was 12 degrees and when I landed it was 75!  I'll take it.

Anyways, I wanted to tell you about my plane ride. 

Edie Beale and mother
Has anyone seen Gray Gardens?   I swear there was a lady on the first flight who looked like Edie.  She had a scarf on her head and then a hat over it and pants tucked into boots and an entire ensemble that could only be inspired by Edith Bouvier Beale. 
We left about 20 min late which made me worry about missing my connection.  I didn't after running and getting semi-lost at O'Hare - What?!  All their screens where you check gates etc were off.  And no one could give me the correct directions. 

Once I got on my flight to San Diego, I found out that I was sitting next to a SINGLE DOCTOR (sorry Mike) who was trying to get back to Seattle, but then continued to tell me about him and his practice and his son and how he might try to stay a night in San Diego now because he loves it here and he also told me a couple of places to go.  While in flight, he offered me a cookie too. 

My first drink that I ordered was a diet coke and the lady gave me a can from Japan where Diet Coke is apparently called Coke Light.  The Doctor next to me then asked for a Japanese Diet Coke...weird, I know... But I had gotten the last one. 

Then I noticed that the girl in front of me looked exactly like Olivia Palermo.  I will say thought that if it was her I'm surprised she was sitting in coach, she's much prettier on TV, and she was very polite.  I mean this girl was a dead wringer for her!  She even had on a really sassy outfit! 

Well, that's all I have right now.  :)  But don't forget to hop on over to The Kellermeyer Chronicles to see how Mike sent me off!   Until tomorrow Blog Hogs!

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kelly said...

grey gardens is the best!
keep on enjoying the warm weather while you can!

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