House Tour - Guest Bedroom

Time for another portion of our house to be seen... it's been long enough since I did this.  AND there have been some significant changes around my house. 

I have never introduced you all to my guest bedroom.  Now, now, now, don't get too excited.  The white walls and completely mismatched items make it a definite dropping place.  And with not too many guests other than my family, I haven't worried to much about it. 

So... here she is. 
Funny how I consider all my rooms female.  hehe.
I should name her hand-me-downs. 

We bought the bed from one of my co-workers who was downsizing.  Left side table is from an antique store.  Right side table is one I bought when we first started dating (6 years ago) so we'd have something next to our bed.  The wicker storage bench came from my mother.  Lamps are from Goodwill and Target - I found one at Goodwill and went to Target to find another - and I did purchase those shades new.  They are from whne my bedroom was slate blue. 

I found this chair on Craigslist about 3 years ago and I instantly fell in love with it.  It's from a photography studio that was closing.  I couldn't pass it up for the $30 they were asking.  I'm hoping to try the painting of the fabric on this chair.  Wicker tables are from goodwill but they were actually from Target.  And what do you think about the lamp here with no lampshade?!?  LOL!  I totally forgot about that when taking the picture!

It's your typical guestbedroom.  Bed.  Chair.  Full closet. 

To do list in here:
{1} Paint Gray
{2}Frame some other maps
{3}Make headboard
{4}Paint Chair
{5}Find cool dresser

After that, we'll be closer to finished.  :)

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