Lunch Break Adventures

Yesterday on our lunch break at work 3 girls and I went on the search for a sale. 
A sale we found on Craigslist.
A so called moving/estate sale. 

We ventured out....
We are driving along...
We are driving some more, getting closer...

Then we see a man on the side of the road tilting a mattress with LARGE Spray painted letters on it... S-A-L-E. 
This must be it. 
(PS... I wish I had a picture of this classic moment when we figured out that this was the place)

The words in the ad were a bit misleading.  "It stated newer house behind the green one."  I wouldn't say it was "newer" but that's OK. 

At this point it definitely crossed our mind to turn back and just pass on this one for the day, but I said "C'mon guys lets just be a little adventurous" and Emily said "yea, these are where you find the best stuff."  So we pulled down the long muddy drive and proceeded to hop out. 

Bobby Orr Picture for Mike's office
Well, it was a good thing we stopped (for me anyways).  This guy had tons of hockey stuff that I got to sift through.  The other ladies found some items too.  However, the smell was a bit overwhelming.  It smelled everywhere like Cat Pee.  I felt kind of bad.  Everything smelled, but the REAL smell didn't hit us until we were in the car on the way back. 

I purchased 3 hockey pictures (for Mike and his office), a pack of Indy Racers Vintage Magazines, some vintage hockey pins/buttons, and a belt buckle. 
Shanna purchased some baskets, a wicker table, a mirror, a wine rack, and a tray.
Emily got some wooden serving bowls AND BROKE SOMETHING!  Priceless!  Not the piece she broke, but the moment when we heard the crash. 
All in all, it really wasn't that bad of an experience.  Except for the high prices... I think he could have come down a bit more on his prices, but oh well.

Then we are driving back to work, and since Shanna bought a table, Allison was sitting in the middle floorboard and I was in the back with her.  All our goodies were in the trunk area with one seat pushed down to accommodate the table.  It was a bit of a tight squeeze. 

Then Allison says "What's that smell?" 
It was the table. 
It smelled like Cat Pee. 
We were all about asphyxiated by the smell so we rolled the windows down....which only made it worse. 
Then I got Allison's attention and pointed to something on the table. 

Yep, you guessed it.  See that red spot on the table (sorry for the blurr...it was on my phone and it takes lousy pictures).  Poo.  Or Vomit.  Either way, gross right! 

Well, I guess that teaches us to try to be adventurous at lunch time.  Goodwill will probably do from here on out. 

{ Allison (front) Shanna (back) Emily (eyes) }

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