Muddy Bins No More

Ok... so as I know you were all anticipating the Wrap Up of the Eighties Skating Show, we are still down to one computer and did not have time to upload the pictures last night.  I think I need a better system. 

However, I do have a TON of DIY's to catch you all up on so I figured why not share one today. 

The way our house is set up is almost like a row of townhouses.  Or maybe more like Row Houses.  We have mini side yards and our garages are attached to the back of the house.  We drive down an alley to get to our garages.  Here's what our house looks like from the front. 

So... we don't really have a place to put our trash and recycle bins besides outside of the garage.  With the moving back and forth of these bins the yard gets to gettin' a bit mucky over there.  You can see how it looks in the picture below.

So we made a quick trip to Lowe's and decided to put down a mini patio to attempt to "prettify" the area. 

We purchased 12 3x4 pavers (I think), some sand, some gravel, and hopped to it. 

We dug out a little area that was big enough to fit both bins and equalled the size of the pavers and dropped the gravel into the newly dug out space.   Then we tampered it... I think that's what it's called.  You know, where you take the really heavy tool and drop it down on the gravel really hard. 

*Note* We did not dig it out first because someone got a little excited and dumped the gravel as soon as the bag came out of the car... so we had to backtrack and start over with the digging...
Needless to say, this project that should have taken 1 hour took about 2-3.  Oops... And oh the tests of marriage!
Don't do it without digging the pavers in.
It'll look much better this way!

Then we placed the pavers where I wanted them.  This was my task specifically because Mr. K was sure that I would complain about how he put them in. He was probably right because when I showed him how I wanted the edge to have the pavers with the border like stones he couldn't even tell the difference. 

Then we dropped sand over the pavers to fill in the cracks. 
I still think we need a little more sand.
Anyways, you just pour it on and brush it around to fill in the cracks and edges to help with settling. 

And Voila!  A cute mini patio to make our home look a little more appealing from the outside.
Now... If I could only get a little fence and a real patio on the other side!

This picture is just waiting on the rain to wash the excess sand from the top off! 

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