Lining Dresser Drawers

I felt like our dresser nursery needed something else...
It was white, but I felt like the drawers need something...
So I decided to line them. 

I started with the bottom of the drawer like this.

Then I found different scrapbook papers that I liked and cut them to fit the size of the bottom of the drawers.  In this situation, I used 3 pages of scrapbook paper.  I had to cut them into different sizes of rectangles that worked together and ended up lining the entire drawer. 

Once the pieces were cut, I coated the bottom of the drawer with modge podge.  Once it was coated edge to edge, I placed the papers down over the wet modge podge. Make sure to push out the air bubbles as best as you can.  This can be hard and mine definitely has a few wrinkles, but I used a flat edge to push them out as well as I could.  I let this sit for 24 hours.

Then I repeated the modge podge step over the newly lined drawers. 

And Voila!  Lined drawers that coordinate with the room!  Love them!
And it was so easy! 
Just gives a plain jane dresser (or great craiglist deal in this case) a little sass! 

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