Revamping a Bulletin Board

Before Little Miss Ella was born, I was in a state of boredom!  I had cleaned and vacuumed all the rooms.  I had finished up the nursery.  I had even finished decorating our guest room. 

And I had a ton of items in our "storage" closet ... aka the guest bedroom closet ... that were in need of either being donated, redone, or finding new homes.  One of these items in our storage closet was the bulletin board that used to hang in our office before it was turned into the nursery. 

Here it is when I started.  It used to hang over the desk and would soon find it's way to the same place, but in a new room over the desk! 

I removed the thumb tacks and fabric, but kept the batting on it.  I originally re-painted the wood trim, but eventually went another route. 

Remember when I said my glue gun was my new best friend?!  Well, here she is again.... I used the glue gun to glue around the back edges the linen fabric I was recovering the board with.  I just started on one edge and then pulled it tight around to all the edges while gluing. 
Very easy! 

And here's what I had when we were done. 
I made sure to pull the fabric as tightly as possible all the way around. 

Then it was time to add some embellishments.  I reused the thumb tacks from before.  I choose this time to only use the silver ones as I thought the white ones were too much contrast AND I decided to space them out a little differently.  I really like the end result! 

It looks very different than before, but goes so well with the guest bedroom/office area. 

So there you have it... It actually cost me ZERO dollars to finish this up!  I had everything laying around just waiting to be used!  I love those kind of projects! 

You'll get a final reveal when I reveal the recently finished guest bedroom!   Don't mind the empty picture frames.   The guest bedroom reveal is coming soon!   Just need to take some decent pictures.  It was a part of my "nesting" phase that helped it to get finished! 

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laxsupermom said...

I love $0 projects! Your new message board looks great! It looks like it's going to be such a restful space. Thanks for sharing.

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