Yikes Stripes!

I knew I wanted to do something kind of fun and different in the Nursery closet.  I thought about trying to stamp the walls with a potato stamp, but decided that would not work out as I'm not really artistic.  I wasnt really sure, but i wanted there to be a space on the floor to play, read, whatever. 

So I decide to stripe the closet walls to start the space off.  When I was 9 months pregnant.  Oh yea, Mr. K was not very happy with my decision so I did it while he was not home.  AND I didn't make him help me at all. 

The biggest problem with the closet was the shelves/hangings that were already in there.  Mr. K was very adamant that I did not remove them.  So I had to work around them.  For this reason, I choose to do uneven stripes in the closet.  They are all different sizes...although I'm not sure you can tell it. 

I started with a blank canvas and measured the wall - floor to ceiling.  Then I just started to divide it up into different sizes and hoped that they added up to that height.  I made it so they did.  Then I marked the wall and put the painter's tape up. 

I marked the ones that would be staying white with little pieces of tape so that I didn't paint there!

Here's what it looked like once I had all the tape up.

Then it was time to paint! 
I did the same color as the walls in the bedroom and white stripes.

I never thought I'd really tackle a project where I striped the walls, but it really wasn't that bad!  The hard part was making sure the lines were straight and taping everything off!  That was a pain.  But once I got to the painting it was super easy. 

There are a few places that need some touch ups, but overall I'm super excited for this space!
I know it is just a closet, but just wait!

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