Thrifty Thursday { Scrapbooking Embellishments }

Do any of you guys scrapbook? 

I'm working on (or will be) one for Ella.  It'll be her little baby book...although, I already feel like I'm slacking. 

Anywho... If you are a scrapbooker, have you noticed how expensive the embellishments have gotten?  I can't believe that for some stickers you will pay up to $5.  It's kind of crazy.  I do realize they are neat, but still that can get expensive. 

So, I thought of a way to at least keep me out of the scrapbook aisles for a little longer.  Maybe it's me being resourceful or maybe it's just me being cheap, but it's going to work.  :)

I had a ton of gift bags given to me from having a couple of showers and I kept them all.  Some had cute little things on them, some had things coming off of them, and some were just plain.  But, after looking at this bag full of baby themed gift bags that I would never be able to use (because there were so many) I decided I could use them. 

I decided to cut off, pull off, cut out the embellishments that were on these bags and utilize them in my scrapbook for Little Miss Ella. 

Here are two that started like this:

And ended up just like this:

And here are the others that I was able to get off of other gift bags:

Can't wait to start on this scrapbook!  I think I'd better start soon! 
Maybe sometime this week!

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