My Baby Is One

I can't believe it... My baby is one.  Uno.  She is growing up so fast.

They really do say how fast time flies, but seriously they are not lying...

She got to spend her birthday in the car on Friday, sick on Saturday, and driving home on Sunday.  She had fun in Green Bay cheering on daddy's team and seriously stole the show.  She's so funny.  She just marched around that ice rink like she was the boss. 

Spending My Birthday in the Car

After I Got Sick

Playing in the Hotel Lobby

Waiting Dad's Game to Start

Watching Dad's Game

Sleeping through the 2nd Period

Going to Help Dad Coach

It's Time To Go!  Yay!

Sleepy Baby on the Way Home

So... Happy Belated Birthday to my Ella. 

Because of hockey, we are postponing her party until the first weekend in March so details on that to come soon. 

Still trying to get my life in order!


1 comment:

Mia Maree said...

She is so darling!! My husband is a football coach, so I feel like we area always putting things "on hold" for his season too :-)


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